Screw You 2017!

December 22, 2017





   2017 is almost over. Thank God. As I explained in our first blog, this year has been a disaster for me. Then came the Houston flood to add insult to injury. Fortunately, my house, which sits on a slight incline, was spared. I guess that was the culmination of our misfortune. Writing-wise, the year was fairly productive although not as productive as I had hoped. I put out two novellas, a novellete (a novellete is longer than a short story but shorter than a novella, big surprise…I don’t know who determines this, maybe Oprah’s book club), and a short story. I wanted to complete a third novella but I was too damn busy revising three other previous works. Oh, and this website, one of the best author’s website anywhere if I do arrogantly say so, consumed several weeks. Our first novel, The Devil’s Horror Show, was a joke. Decent story, but the grammar and syntax really sucked. A third grader could have done better. Here I am constantly criticizing other Indie authors while at the same time producing shitty stuff myself. A cheap hypocrite. But at least I strive for improvement unlike my competitors. The work has undergone a complete renovation and now it’s not half bad. Check it out. 


   So, what about 2018? What do I have planned? First, I want to promote my writings, not just let them sit there in cyberspace ignored. I described in another blog how social media overall, whether its Twitter or Facebook, is not that conducive to writers. So how does a writer become noticed? Well, there are good book promo sites out there (we’re not talking about Fiverr and its scam gigs but reliable services) and we’ve been toying with a couple, such as Genre Pulse. They do seem to attract readers. With a concentrated effort, an author could gain a real following.


   Second, I want to hire an artist to draw a couple of comics that we can publish on Amazon. One will be a segment from a Cullen saga and the other an original story, maybe something in the fantasy/horror genre (I despise “in-your-face” horror, I like to dilute it with fantasy). I have something in mind, but I’ll keep it a secret, something for a younger audience.


   Third, a Cullen novella that picks up where the last ended. You might notice my productivity will not be as high as before. To be honest, I’m feeling burnout. Eleven books in four years is an impressive feat but one that’s taken a toll mentally and emotionally. For some (I say “some”) that is a lifetime of writing. For others, it’s nothing. Look at Somerset Maugham’s bibliography. Of course, Maugham was writing over a forty-year span.


   So, on to 2018. Book promos, comics, and more sword-and-sorcery. Quit snickering, Somerset.

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