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October 12, 2017

   Last week I received a message from a Reddit member concerning our website. I thought I was being trolled again and shot back a smartass answer. Well, I wasn’t being trolled, the guy was sincere. He liked our site. I felt like an idiot and profusely apologized. He was a fantasy writer, well, sword-and-sorcery type stuff, and had a website of his own. I took a peek. It was a damn good, damn good, a new site with a continuing story about Winoc the Traveler, a sword-wielding barbarian who travels a medieval-style world much like Cullen Redgust. The writing is superb, crisp and to the point.  Here’s a sample:


  I’m stronger than I look. That’s an understatement. Rage can come on quick if you let it slip often enough, and I let it slip. He kept his grip tight on my right wrist, but he couldn’t stop me from jerking my arm back and grabbing his left. For a moment, his hands were tied. I snapped my elbow into his nose.

He released his grip and staggered back, but recovered quickly. He swung a right hook at my temple. My arm was already high. It was easy to shield the hit and take the inside angle. I grabbed behind his head with my other hand and pulled him into my elbow, again and again.


   See what I mean? The author, John Calligan not only writes but trains in the martial art, using his knowledge to make fight scenes more realistic. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Good stuff, entertaining, well-done. https://winocthetraveler.com. I can't wait for new installments. Thanks John! Bravo, dude!



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