"Shangar is now on Amazon.com!
This novella will take you from the desert of Orsari and down into the horrible underworld. A mixture of myth, magic, and mayhem. Cullen also meets a new friend, one that he will take along on his future escapades, something forged out of pure evil, the insidious Shangar.  It's finally out and it is kick-ass. I plan to put out at least two Cullen novellas a year, stuff that will curdle your brain. 


Cullen in 3D Animation!


Cullen Redgust is now a 3D character! Check out our "The Outlander's Blog" section and watch him battle a foe. This was created by our highly talented friend Kristin, an expert in modeling and animation. How many fantasy writers animate their characters? Only us!

"Cullen the Outlander" is Here!


This is a compilation of the first three Cullen sagas, which involve the same quest. I also include the short-story "Visions of the Goblin Wizard." which inspired the Cullen series. Unfortunately, book format will have to wait for another month or two. No problemo. Enjoy the e-book for now. 





Upcoming projects

In the new year,  we'll have a Cullen comic for sale on Amazon, a couple of new videos for our blog, more articles, and maybe some surprises. Keep coming back to learn about updates!


More Cullen Novellas for 2018

Next year, we plan to have Cullen return to Rumerus for another duel in the arena. This time he's up against something incredibly powerful, something which doesn't need a weapon to kill. The Outlander will have to summon all his strength and cunning to survive. Lots of swordplay and many surprises. Two other books are also on the drawing board. We might even have Cullen enter our world and kick some earth butt. Stay tuned!


The 1988 movie "Bloodsport" with Jean-Claude Van Damme inspired the fight scenes in the arena from "The Sword of Cullen."

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