It's rural Louisiana, 1915. Michael's dog, Wendy, has a talent for finding lost spirits. Michael has a talent for sending them to the Hereafter. But someone, someone who has been collecting souls since time began is angry because they are interfering with his business. He has a plan to stop the pair, an evil, cunning plan...a plan that will cause one of them to die...a plan that will even reconfigure space and time. A tale as entertaining and timeless as Tom Sawyer.This is one you can't miss!

The Bully Boys were the largest, toughest gang in the city, the undisputed champions of the street. That was until a rival group called the Marauders, led by the evil Nicodemus, stole their turf. Now they are despised and hunted by every cat in Tangy Town. Their only hope is a newcomer from the suburbs with a bizarre talent, a talent that could put them back on top. But can it? This is a story for both children and and adults, a rip-roaring fantasy that you will not soon forget.

A collection of short stories ranging from horror to fantasy, adventure, and suspense. Sail with the world's most notorious pirate ship...learn the identity of Jack the Ripper...or experience the beautiful but deadly visions of the goblin wizard (the story that inspired Cullen the Outlander!). These are tales that will shock, amaze, and confound but above all entertain. Enter with caution for this is the world of the goblin wizard.

Three boys from a small Texas town learn that a witch is buried in the local cemetery. They also learn that her grave holds a terrible a secret, a secret that will curse one of them for the rest of his life. A terrifying yarn. Also included is a one-act play about a young woman struggling with mental illness. A tense psychological drama.

Good and evil spirits fight to control a small Southern town during the late 1880's, a town with an astounding secret. Jesse, an ambitious young man, and his father Joshua, an embittered war veteran, team up with an old Cherokee medicine-man, a beautiful housemaid, and a gang of strange locals to stop the evil forces from winning. If they lose, Earth's future will take a horrible turn. A story full of terror, Wild West gunplay, hallucinogenic weirdness, and unabashed erotica...a story that breaks all the rules and then some! Compelling and seductive.

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