The Sword of Cullen


"The Sword of Cullen" is a rollicking adventure set in another world with two suns. A young hero is forced to battle in the arena against insidious opponents on the Festival of Sacrifices. All he has is his faith and his skill with the blade. It's a story full of swordplay, alluring women, and bizarre creatures. The action is intense and the characters are 3-D. You'll meet Kuran, Cullen's ruthless trainer, Maceo, the conniving Crown Prince, and Shardo, the diabolical arch-enemy. If you love Star Wars or Lord of the Rings you'll really enjoy this! A roller coaster ride! The first truly genuine Sword-and-Sorcery tale to appear in years! 




The harrowing sequel to "The Sword of Cullen." Cullen has escaped his confinement and is seeking terrible revenge against those who imprisoned him. A swashbuckling adventure that you won't be able to put down. Among the unforgettable characters are Maxwick, Cullen's goblin companion, highly intelligent and skillful with a dagger; Taz, the evil leader of a troll gang; and Aluna, the beautiful temptress. There's also Khangi, the Lord of the Underworld., more dangerous and cunning than Satan himself. If you enjoyed Conan or Beowulf, this is a must read! Pure Swords and Sorcery.


The third installment of the Cullen trilogy. Cullen Redgust returns to his homeland to avenge the destruction of his village but encounters more than he bargained for: an army of merciless thugs, murderous wolf packs, an evil super being, and a ravishing but brutal huntress. He also learns the location of the most powerful weapon in the universe, Deathsteel. But can he find in time to save his people? Enter a world more wondrous than Homer's Odyessy.


Cullen Redgust has to rescue the soul of a holy man from the hideous underworld. But first, he must fight an insidious gang of thugs and capture and tame a magical sword that can kill spirits as well as mortals, a sword spawned from pure evil, the insidious Shangar. Along the way, Cullen encounters a beautiful blind woman who will either help or endanger his odyssey A story full of swordplay and hot romance.

Cullen the Outlander: The Complete Trilogy

Enter the world of Cullen Redgust...a world of sword-wielding madmen, freakish creatures, diabolical magic, super weapons, and women wild as they are beautiful...a world you might not return from nor wish to. Included are three novellas, "The Sword of Cullen," "Redgust," and "Deathsteel"," and a short-story, "Visions of the Goblin Wizard." Sword-and-sorcery at its most intense, violent and sensuous. Adventure in the extreme.

The character Willow from the 1988 movie "Willow" inspired the goblin Maxwick Brobraid. 

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