Who am I? An author, but I haven’t had gone through a publisher. A storyteller, but not in the traditional sense. All I can say is that I write and write a lot, most of it fiction. I tag my genre as fantasy, which everyone finds a bit odd. Actually, any yarn where one of more of the laws of physics is breached is fantasy. Therefore, ergo, fantasy covers a vast tract, from horror to kid’s stories. I’ve done both. I’ve also written a Western (an offbeat Western) and a dramatic one-act play. I'm more eclectic than most writers.

   My main focus, however, is creating stories about a young muscular warrior named Cullen Redgust. Cullen is more or less based on a combination of Brad Pitt’s Achilles in the movie Troy and He-Man from Masters of the Universe (hey, don't laugh, that was a creative show). I was also inspired by a character I saw in an issue of Creepy Magazine published in the late sixties (remember Eerie and Creepy?). Then I toss in a dash of Beowulf, a sprinkle of Cu Chulainn (I always thought it was Clu Cullen, which is where I derived the name Cullen), and a pinch of Hercules.                                                              People readily assume that any fantasy hero with a sword is a rip-off of Robert E. Howard’s Conan. Not in my case. I tried reading one page of a Conan story years back and found it unintelligible. Howard's writing style is grotesque. I also despised the first Conan flick and never saw the 2011 remake. If there are any similarities it's that Cullen and both of the cinematic Conan’s are seeking revenge for the destruction of their villages, something I didn’t realize until after I wrote the first story. Maybe it’s coincidence or maybe it’s archetypal (revenge is, after all, a common theme in myths and fairy tales). However, my character undergoes far more mind-boggling experiences in his quest for justice, experiences that border on the hallucinogenic, experiences that are unlike anything you've read. You ain't got nothin' on me Mr. Howard.

   But I digress. Sorry. Back to "who am I?" A guy simply supporting a family, trying to survive. That’s it. Nothing more or less. Now, let’s forget about me. Just read my stuff. Maybe you can learn about Dennis that way.

The animated series "Samurai Jack" has given us a lot of ideas. Khangi, Lord of the Underworld, is more or less based on Jack's nemesis Aku. 

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