Welcome to the world of Cullen Redgust...a nameless alien world with two suns...a world filled with magic and wonder...a world where technology barely exists but miracles abound. Cullen is a young muscular vagabond in search of adventure, an expert with the sword and unafraid of danger. Journey with him as he battles monsters, demons, and other villains, encounters astounding creatures, and romances alluring women. If you're a fan of Achilles or Beowulf, or even if you're more of a superheroes devotee, you'll be enthralled with Cullen. These stories are like the old heroic sagas but written for our age, graphic and fast-paced. Be careful though, there are explicit scenes of sex and violence. 


"The humans are fools and their gods are false." Cullen Redgust



"You're dangerous, bold, and cunning." Sayda Tunac, the huntress.



"I will kill all those filthy barbarians and wipe out their stupid religion."  Houk, King of the Vledcrots.


The Sword of Cullen


This is the first book of the Cullen series and probably the best.  It chronicles Cullen Redgust's battle to win the Annual Tournament of Sacrifices, held in Rumerus, the capital of the Empire.  The novella also introduces you to the planet's four races--goblins, trolls, hybrids, and humans--and to Cullen's religion, similar to Christianity but with sun worship mixed in. Unlike the other beliefs of the various races, from the nature worship of the humans to the skeptical philosophies of the goblins, his is the one true faith. He will have to fight to keep it alive. A rollicking tale full of swordplay, insidious foes, and femme fatales. 

Other Books in the Cullen Series:
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